Route I

From Santalabari to Buxa
1.From Buxa to Lepchakha
2.From Buxa to Lepchaka via Tashigaon


Situated almost 5 kms away from Santalabari, this place reverberates in the history of national freedom movement and reflects the simplicity of its Dukpa residents. Homestays are available apart from the Forest Bunglow.


Tashigaon is situated 3 kms away from Buxa. The route is short yet steep. Trekkers would find themselves among the company of orange trees. This is a bird-watchers' paradise.


About three kilometers from Buxa and also the same apart from Tashigaon, it is a small Dukpa village. Homestays are available. One can get an excellent view of the hill-top from here. One can lose oneself in the silence of the entire verdant region. This is also a bird-watchers' paradise.

Route II

From Santalabari to Buxa
To Chunabhatti to Adma to Raimatang


It is a small village amidst green forests and hills.


From Chunabhatti one has to climb a steep trek route to reach the beautiful sylvan Adma.


From Adma one has to traverse 10-12kms on foot through the Buxa Hill Forest. There is a Forest Bunglow.

Route III

Jayanti to Mahakal

It is a 5-kms steep trek route. It is well-known for its spectacular Jayanti Falls.