Nature Tourism:

The district is replete with the abundance and bountifulness of natural beauty that would quench the weary travellers soul and self. These are some of the places which are filled with immense beauty and serenity . . .



A picturesque spot along the meandering Jayanti River forming a natural border with beautiful Bhutan hills , Jayanti is the confluence of the music of wilderness, the chirping of unknown birds, the murmur of wild streams and the fragrance of mother Nature . There is a stalactite cave, popularly known as the Mahakal cave of Jayanti. It is difficult to enter the narrow, dark, damp cave but trying the same may be a worthwhile undertaking.


Accommodation is available at Jayanti Forest Bungalow


By air - It is 170 km from Bagdogra airport.

By train– The nearest railway station is Rajabhatkhawa (4km).

By road - This forest village is around 30 km away from Alipuruar via Rajabhatkhawa. Buxaduar to Jayanti is another popular trek in the region. This 13 km trek passes through the dense forest of Buxa Tiger Reserve.



Bodaganj, Ambari, Kathambari, Kranti and Odlabari are small settlements and natural places of beauty enhanced by the Tea Estates, Forests or the green fields interspersed by the rivers and Canals of the Dooars. It is situated in a region where the forest cover is a tad sparse. Scenic beauty especially the greenery with the snow capped Himalayas during winter and spring season make these places attractive as picnic spots or for safaris or even for angling and birding. Teesta barrage is very close from Ambari.


Forest Bungalow is available in all these four places.



By air – The average distance of these places are 40 km from Bagdogra airport.

By train – Nearest station is New Jalpaiguri (20 km)/ Ambari-Falakata (12 km) away.

By road - NH31 is the main highway of the area. These places can be enjoyed with long drive from Lataguri or Jalpaiguri or Siliguri. All these places are within 25 kilometers to 90 kilometers from Siliguri and Jalpaiguri town. Bodaganj is 25 kilometers away from Jalpaiguri and nearly 55 kilometers from Siliguri.



Gajoldoba is an hour's drive from Siliguri. It is a large barrage on the river Teesta. It has an excellent winter population of ducks. It is also a good place to see migrating and wintering raptors, and grebes.


Gorumara forest camp or Siliguri hotel. There is an Irrigation Bunglow.


By air - It is 14 km away from Bagdogra.

By train – Both Siliguri and New Jalpaiguri junction are 4.5 km away from the place.

By road – The place is 3.5 km away from Siliguri town.



All these are forest and teagarden areas. Scenic beauty is the main attraction of these places.


A two-roomed resthouse at Nilpara, two-roomed resthouse at Chilabata and one room in the resthouse of Kodalbasti is available


By air - It is 150 km from Bagdogra airport.

By train-Nearest station is Hasimara.

by road - can be approached from the Alipurduar town. Nilpara is 27 km away, Chilabata is 20 km and Kodalbasti is 22 km away



Surrounded by rivers and hills, Raimatang and Nimati are two nice places to enjoy the beauty of nature. From Raimatang one can trek to Adma, Pukhri and Mahakal caves. One can also go to Jayanti and Santalabari by means of Jungle Safari.


A two-roomed forest rest house is available at both the places.


By air - It is 190 km from Bagdogra airport.

By train – Nearest station is Hasimara (18 km from Raimatang).

By road - can be approached from the Alipurduar town. Raimatang is situated at a distance of 45 km from Alipurduar. Nimati is 17 km away from Alipurduar.


Malbazar Tourist Lodge

Situated in the north-west of the Dooars and located within a cradle of lush tea gardens, the idyllic spot of Malbazar offers a refreshing view of Nature and beauty to unwind oneself. It is also a major junction point to several destinations and a place of commercial significance.


Accommodation is available in Megh Mallar Tourist lodge by West Bengal Tourism Development Corp. Several other options are also available.


By air - It is 56 km from Bagdogra airport.

By rail – Nearest station is New Mal Junction (2 km).

By road - This place is approachable by road from Siliguri. Malbazar about 50 km. from Siliguri.


Madhubani Park

Dhupguri is a municipal town in Jalpaiguri district. It is one of the main business centres of Dooars area.


Private accommodation is available. Bunglow is available at Madhubani Park.


By air - It is 96 km away from Bagdogra.

By train– Dhupguri Railway Station has unique distinction of providing connection to all parts of the country through passenger train service. Many long distance trains including superfast trains daily pass through Dhupguri station and provide link between north, west and southern parts of India with north eastern regions.

By road – This place is around Located 20 km from Mainaguri and 35 km from Jalpaiguri.


This undiscovered tourist spot on the banks of the Neora is also worth a look at. Zurrantee is flanked by picturesque tea gardens. A number of streams and their tributaries criss-cross the picturesque estates and the sylvan forests around them.


A two roomed bunglow is available.


By air - It is 76 km away from Bagdogra.

By train – The nearest railway station , New Mal Junction is 15 kms away(62 km from New Jalpiguri).

By road – The place is 20 km away from Malbazar