Ethnic Tourism - Totopara

Toto Para

Toto para is a small village on the lap of Himalayan range situated at the border of India and Bhutan under Madarihat-Birpara Block.This picturesque village is the abode of the primitive Tribal group, Toto. Presently there are 1564 totos in Totopara.


There are guest houses at Totopara run by the Totos. Booking can be done by dialing +91 7679750603


By air: Bagdogra Airport and then by car to Totopara (155)km
By train:New Jalpaiguri(NJP) 145KM /Alipurduar (77km) / Madarihat (27km) and then to Totopara by Car

Tour Packages at Totopara

For 1 day stay
Rs.1700/-per head (For booking of 4 heads)
Rs.2100/-per head (For booking of 2 heads)

For 2 days stay
Rs3000/- per head (For booking of 4 heads)
Rs3800/-per head (For booking of 2 heads)

For 3 days stay
Rs. 4300/- per head (For booking of 4 heads)
Rs. 5500/- per head (For booking of 2 heads)

Package Includes:

Lodging, Fooding, Local sight seeing and Traditional Toto Dance

Booking without package

Room rent Rs.1000/- per room per day
Food Rs.575/- per head per day

Local Sight Seeing

Day -1
Dukunglaka (by vehicle)

Day -2
Hispa, Torsa River (by vehicle)

Day -3
Sointrabari, Orange Garden (by vehicle)
Kangdung (picnic spot) (by vehicle)