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Welcome to Jalpaiguri

dcjKanyashree Recruitment 2018

The name Jalpaiguri came from the word "jalpai" means "olive" which grew in the town and were seen even in 1900. The suffix "guri" means a place. The name as well be associated with Jalpesh, the presiding deity (Shiva) of the entire region. The district situated in the northern part of West Bengal has international borders with Bhutan and Bagladesh in the North and South respectively and borders with Assam and Darjeeling hills in the East, West and Northwest. The entire topography is crisscrossed with rivulets, rivers and hills. The district is primarily rural with more than 80% of rural population. It has also high percentage of SC/ST population. Relatively sizeable population resides in Tea Gardens and Forest villages which are isolated and mostly inaccessible. The district is the gateway to the entire North-Eastern States and Bhutan. Having high percentage of migrated population different cultural groups (Ranjbanshi, Ravas, Totos, Metch, Santhals, Madasia and Oraons) have created a unique cultural harmony which is rarely seen in other districts of West Bengal.

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dcjNotice inviting tender (2nd Call) from Additional District Mission Director & P.O., D.R.D.C., Jalpaiguri, "Anandhara " District Office, DMMU,DRDC, Jalpaiguri Zilla Patrishad,NIT NO-76/Estt/DMMU Dated: 05/12/2018.

dcjNotice Inviting Tender from West Bengal State Seed Corporation Limited,Jalpaiguri, Memo No.377/WBSSCL/Jal Dated:06/12/2018

dcjNotice Inviting Tender from West Bengal State Seed Corporation Limited,Jalpaiguri, Memo No.378/WBSSCL/Jal Dated:06/12/2018

dcjNotice Inviting Quotation from Nezarath Section,DM office,Jalpaiguri, Memo No.1859/1/(16)/NZT Dated:06/12/2018

dcjNotice Inviting Tender from District Child Protection Unit, DM office Jalpaiguri Memo No.822/1(8)/XVII/2/DCPU/JPG, Dated-06/12/2018

dcj Application Format for Recruitment of Guest Teacher in Mal Model School, dated 04.12.2018

dcjNotice Inviting Tender from Project Director, DRDC, Jalpaiguri, Memo No. 75/Estt/DMMU, Dated-03/12/2018

dcj Format for admission in Mal model school in class-V

dcjTerms and condition regarding eligibility and remuneration of Guest Teacher, in Mal Model school at Uttar Khalpara, Mal Block.